symplfy is a AI-assisted claims solution for the motor insurance business What specifically do we do?

We simplify the assessment and approval of the claims

Key Pain points in the claims ecosystem today.

Repair estimate at workshops (time to estimate, accuracy of estimate)
Approvals of estimate ( time to approve, negotiations, variations across assessors, not auditable)
Used Spare parts availability and pricing (time to estimate, transparency in pricing, availability and resource planning)

These are the three problem areas that symplfy solves.

Our Solution

One platform for all stakeholders to resolve claim

Initiate, track, communicate & approve

Proprietary AI tool to assess severity of damage

Improves accuracy of assessment of damage and repair/replace decisions

Standardised Workshop Repair Cost Database

Avoid subjectivity of assessors & variance in costs

Accurate Used Parts availability & price

Reduces delays and reduces inflated claim values

How symplfy works?

Step 1

Workshop assessor uploads images of the damage and the repair estimate on the platform

Step 2

symplfy.Ai  platform assesses the severity of the damage, makes the repair or replace decsion

Step 3

symplfy.Ai  platform access relevant standardized repair costs and sources parts costs from the parts marketplace

Step 4

Insurance assessors are able to decide and approve claims on the basis of the AI recommendations

symplfy.Ai Business Impact for Insurers

Improve productivity & reduce costs

Improve the assessors productivity by over 3 times

Improve accuracy of repair estimates

minimum savings of about 15% in the repair value estimates from workshops

Reduce delays and expedite claims approvals

Estimated to improve turnaround times across the entire claim ecosystem by about 10 times.

Improves transparency & ensures robust audit and governance

Documents & workflow related to the claim to be digitized and in one platform

Let us symplfy your claims business